Forum Title: How do I deal with a leak coming from the bottom of this elbow? This elbow is leaking at the bottom of the connector. I'm not a plumber, but it sure looks like this elbow is upside down as there is certainly a lip inside that would always be holding water. Any help is much appreciated.
Category: Plumber Post By: MELVIN GUZMAN (Passaic, NJ), 09/27/2016

Thank you for the reply. The 1-1/2 lines won't be difficult, but what about the bottom? There are two 45 deg elbows attached directly to each other and then they turn into the slab no more than 1/2 above the slab. (see new photo) I can remove the base board (I'm going to have to do that, anyway.) if you need a better viewing angle. I didn't expect to have so many connectors jammed together with no room to patch. Oh, and I piled on a bunch of old plumber's putty I had sitting around. That's just a temporary patch and not intended to be a repair. What do you think I can do about those elbows?

- EDUARDO MANNING (Port Orange, FL), 09/29/2017

Nice looking cat, cut all out, replace with new, use pl x pl mission bands to join back together'

- DIANE TORRES (Abilene, TX), 10/06/2017

LOL...That my friend, is where experience and training come into the equation. I know how to remove that fitting from the other fitting, it is not something that is taught over the internet because the first time you attempt it, you will screw it up. called a learning curve if you screw it up, you can try to do the same on the other end of that fitting. if you screw that up. you will be busting concrete

- CHARLIE LAMBERT (Wilson, NC), 10/11/2017

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